Hervé Moire

Self-taught electroacoustic musician. Born in Laval. France.
After having been member of various rock bands, Hervé Moire started to compose electracoustic music in 2004. This year  is published by the artist and "Aposiopèse" a limited edtion cdr titled : "les spèctres de l'humeur".
Influenced by electroacoustic compooser, rock bands, or jazz masters, Hervé moire use computer, Field recordings, various objects, guitars, bass, percussions to create deconstructed electroacoustic music & soundscapes.

In the last decade, Hervé Moire composed several sound-pieces : "Mirage de Loire" - Cd-r. 2012. Strictly limited to 120 copies / aposiopèse.


He has presented recent works in various venues, festivals : at "Set/30", "Elektro-pixel", & "Festival SONOR" in Nantes, Fr, and he is is now focused on a collaboration with sound-artist J.P.E (Duo as Juan Pablo Espinoza & Hervé Moire).


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Cette île mon corps — Lp w/ Juan Pablo Espinoza. "warm" - Fr. 2016
Mirage de Loire — Cd-r, "aposiopèse" - France. 2012
Plikt — Digital "tsuku coshi" - Fr, 2010
Les spectres de l'humeur — Cd-r, ''aposiopèse'', France, 2005