Julien Beau :

French musician born in 1982, works  in the fields of acousmatic music and sound art. Pianist who studied classical and romantic music during his youth, he learnt electroacoustic composition with Christian Eloy in Bordeaux.
His music has been played in France, Belgium, US and Canada with the support of SCRIME, Musiques & Recherches, Alcôme, Motus, La Muse en Circuit and GRM.
He has also published his first album "Reflet" with Aposiopèse.

Installation, workshop, sound map, sound sculpture, radio art, audiovisual, danse or drama, he tries to explore all kind of artistic experiments using sound. As a duo, he followed the russian artist Anastasia Bolchakova on ephemeral exhibitions in Paris.

They performed in galleries such as "RTR" and "Agnès B".
Today he is expanding his experience with Aposiopèse, Tsuku Boshi & various collaborations.

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Julien Beau & Mokuhen — Paysage accidenté #1, Tsuku boshi, Fr. 2016
Reflet - Issue N°2 — cd-r, aposiopèse, France. 2013
Exomots — v.a. corps sonores re / Digital, stmxn, France, 2012
The 11 short story — v.a compilation,''La forêt sans nom'', France 2012
lude rmx — cd-r self-released, Julien Beau - Fr, 2012
Reflet — cd-r 3", ''aposiopèse'', France, 2010