Solo project by Florian Jamelot.
Also guitarist in French band Fago.sepia.

Born in Laval, comes from post-rock and hardcore scene.
Lives and works between Nantes and Rennes (Fr) since 2002.
Now focused on FAGO SEPIA and solo-projects.


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Le lien — (Solo Ep, "Mha, "Le lien", Friend of mine records, Jp 2016)
Mermonte — (Bonus track "Mermonte St, Friend of mine, Jp, 2011)
11:46 / 09:01 — (Cd-r 3", Aposiopèse, Fr, 2007)
Untitled — (Aposiopèse, Fr, 2005

Review / Ep - 11:46:09:01.

Touching Extremes : "11:46 / 09:01" / Mha.

"A beautiful aquatic photograph adorns the cover of a nice 3-inch CD by a gentleman from France, whose name is James (I don’t know if Mha is his real surname, but this is not important) and who used guitar, bass, glockenspiel, microphone, minidisc and field recordings to conceive two tracks – titled exactly as you see, with just their duration – that keep a pleasant company over the course of 20 minutes, especially at low level in the early hours of the morning.
The first takes its shape from unidentified voices to remain suspended mid-air with gentle chords and volume swells, while the second introduces a few additional harmonic movements, most notably within the realms of string-ish gradations that contribute to change perspectives a little bit, although leaving the general character of the music quite similar to the rest of the disc.
Think about a mix of certain sides of Eno’s more melodic materials and, for those who know him, Hypnos label’s guitarist David Tollefson, the whole covered with a charming simplicity giving this artifact a graceful warmth which is much appreciated from this observation point".