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LP /  Digital | Edition of 500 | July 2012

All tracks composed by Tomoko Sauvage. 2009.
Tomoko Sauvage : water, porcelain bowls, hydrophones, condenser microphones, metal wire and wood spoons.
Vinyl reissue. Aposiopèse 2012. Previously released by and/OAR (compact disc).
Tomoko Sauvage uses Aquarian Audio hydrophones (H2a-XLR). This project has been made possible by kind support of Robb Nichols (Aquarian Audio).

© Tomoko Sauvage. (2009). All rights reserved.




Ombrophilia  is a collection of sound experiments I made with porcelain bowls filled with water between 2006 and 2008. Inspired by Jalatarangam, traditional Indian instrument, I started to play the 'waterbowls' with wooden spoons and metal wire (Mylapore, Jalatarangam Revisited). Since I immersed hydrophones in them, I have tried various ways of resonating the bowls without touching their surface : flicking, stirring, waving and dripping water…

All the compositions here are multitracked and edited on computer.
I also inserted thin layers of field recordings I made in South India, notably in beautiful Mylapore of Chennai, where I met one of the last masters of Jalatarangam, "Aanayampatti Ganesan") Tomoko Sauvage

Tomoko Sauvage imbues her music with the liquid unpredictability of her primary sound source, and renders each individual sound as a vivid sense impression. I can easily imagine that her art is extremely effective in installation settings, with unique spatial resonances and site-specific ambience exploited to the maximum; but Ombrophilia offers it in crystalline distillation, multitracked and artfully edited on hard disc

Dalston Sound




Artist : Tomoko Sauvage
Title : Ombrophilia
Format : Lp
Lenght : 40:11


A1 — Amniotic life (one)
A2 — Raindrop exercise (one)
A3 — Mylapore
A4 — Making of a rainbow

B1 — Jalatarangam revisited
B2 — Amniotic life (two)
B3 — Raindrop exercise (two)