Tarab — An incomplete yet fixed idea

Eamon Sprod is a Melbourne, Australia-based sound artist who releases work under the name Tarab. Today, we listen to his upcoming effort An incomplete yet fixed idea which is out on Aposiopèse–a non-profit record label based in France and Belgium. Tarab’s work involves the re-contextualization of found sounds and field recordings, and while he’s been active since 2011, this is his first release for the experimental acoustics label Aposiopèse. Composed of two long-form tracks running just under, and right at, twenty minutes, An incomplete yet fixed idea continues Tarab’s fascination with

“discarded things, found things, crawling around in the dirt, junk, the ground, rocks, dust, wind, walking aimlessly, scratchy things, [and] decay…”

The artist’s sound collecting strategies in the past have reportedly involved the kinds of visceral interactions between Sprod’s microphone and the environment that includes burying it in the ground or scraping it across surfaces, what he might be referring to when he says, “crawling around in the dirt…”; but, beyond that, Sprod also seems to take a very hands-on approach to re-contextualizing the sources through constant processing and recycling of these field recordings. The result on “An incomplete yet fixed idea I“, which you can listen to below, is a psycho-acoustic journey through sound and silence. Blurring the lines between the natural environments of his original recordings and the processing they undergo subsequently, Tarab draws the listener into fascinating acoustic spaces that seem at once familiar and alien all at the same time

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Tarab focuses on a hazy journey with the engrossing “An Incomplete Yet Fixed Idea”. Capturing field recordings alongside electro-acoustic manipulations, the songs have a surreal quality to them. By trying to offer another view of the sonic universe that surrounds, it at times feels almost real, like being out in the center of the world. Other moments search for the truly unusual, the unique characteristics that give a geographic locale its true spirit. Drones shimmer on by with the utmost of care, as Tarab lets the high and low frequencies intermingle in a glorious tapestry of sound.

 “Side A” offers the quieter experience. At first seemingly running through frequencies, the sound eventually settles for a moment. Gradually Tarab lets additional layers of sound into the mix giving it a rich, bubbling cauldron sort of take. Eventually Tarab flirts with elements of noise and outright chaos, for the song gains a playful nature to it. For much of “Side A” though Tarab is content to live within the mellowed hues of a sound. Towards the latter half of the song this proves to be particularly true. With “Side B” Tarab takes nearly an industrial approach to the soundscapes. Metallic clangs and eerie threatening sounds dominate much of the side. By far the highlight, Tarab shows the darker nature of the aural universe. In fact, about a third of the way through it fully submerges into pure, unkempt noise. The final moments of the track merely emphasize this, ending in a glorious blurred cloud of static.

With “An Incomplete Yet Fixed Idea” Tarab sculpts a flawless, coherent amplification of the world

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Tarab - An Incomplete Fixed Idea [Aposiopese 013 Promo]
Incoming from the experimental-focused Aposiopese-imprint is "An Incomplete Fixed Idea", the latest album effort created by the Australian composer Tarab, better known to his friends and parents as Eamon Sprod. Released as a limited to 300 copies 180g vinyl edition in mid-May, 2k17 the album is split in two parts of approx. 20 minutes length, exploring a musical range from static Noize to re-arranged, warped and processed birds tweeting, eerie dronings from what seem to be modular sources, everyday Field Recordings to industrial grinding and scraping, fluttering winds, rain, eerie low frequency bass sequences indicating lurking danger, clanging metal, electrostatics and much more, presenting an array of collected sonic events arranged in a seemingly non-linear, yet fascinating matter for all lovers of highly experimental music and, of course, Musique Concrete. If you think you've heard it all mark June 16th, 2k17 in your calendar as this is the date this album piece is about to be released. Check!